Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jo Kerr, started March 2005

Why is she on the Board? She wanted to give back to the community and help where she could. 

Geoff Saville, started June 2020

Why is he on the Board? To contribute to the great service and network hub that the Community House provides.

Guy Jetson

When Started – 

Why on Board? – 

Pat Young, started 2010/11

Why is she on the Board? When I first joined the Board I was a committee member helping Ray Bartells coordinate our bus from 2005 to his passing in 2009. I then was asked to come on the Board. This was a good opportunity to see how Community Houses operated the purpose of the Houses in low income areas around Tasmania and how they changed to stay in touch with the community.

To be on the Board means we get together to support our community in the way of moving forward in the right direction for the House and the community to keep us accountable for the day to day running of the Community House.

Patience Hailey, started  May 2019

Why is she on the Board? At first it was to grow numbers in the Board. Then I found I was able to contribute to the Board, Community House and the community through my involvement.

Ross Watson, started July 2020

Why is he on the board? I wanted to help the community I live in.

Michelle Shaw

When Started – 

Why on Board? – 

Denise Young, started July 2015

Why is she on the Board? To help the community.