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Dorset Community House Annual Report 2019-2020

Dorset Community House Consultation Report 2020

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Baptcare Mental Health TasConnect

A free phone line supporting Tasmanians with mental health concerns to identify which mental health psychosocial service is best suited and provide them with accurate information on how that service can be accessed.

Who can access: The person experiencing mental health concerns, their support people including family members, friends, carers, services and health professionals.

Availability: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays by telephone on 1800 290 666

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Positive Solutions

Positive Solutions offers family mediation and family counselling which can help families cope with separation and receive support. Family mediation can assist you and your ex-partner to reach mediated property, financial and/or parenting plans without having to go through a long, stressful and costly court process. Both family mediation and family counselling are based on an individual’s income with concession rates available.

Who can access: Anyone experiencing separation, with no referrals required.

Availability: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays by telephone, 6334 9151.

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